The ‘Attenborough Effect’ and How You Can Help

attenborough effect

If you’re a Netflix user you will have seen the big bright banner advertising David Attenborough’s Our Planet right along the top. Not only is this series captivating and beautifully shot, but it is also adding to a new phenomenon known as the ‘Attenborough Effect’. It appears that reducing plastic waste is a top priority in the battle against climate change.

What is the ‘Attenborough Effect’?

Since the rise of shows like this, we are seeing a reduction in the use of single-use plastics by up to 53%. Shows like these highlight the effects humans are having on the environment, but they are also changing consumer behaviour.

attenborough effect
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climate change

The children are watching

These shows are also serving to educate and inspire our children into action. Just last month over 1.4 million children across the world ditched classes and joined a climate change protest calling for governments to protect their future. This has led to some very interesting conversations around our dinner table about our role in protecting the world.

Always keen to reduce the impact our family has on the environment we have been looking at ways we, as a family, can make changes.

Supermarket Plastic

One of my pet peeves is doing the grocery shopping and everything being delivered in plastic. This is not just the packaging of the products. Despite asking for no plastic bags with our deliveries many items still come bagged. So we have decided to join others in returning our plastic en masse to the supermarket head office with a letter asking them to reduce their waste.

attenborough effect
climate change

It is easy to feel powerless when faced with these big corporations but believe it or not, supermarkets really do listen to their consumers. With enough people joining in, they will be forced to reduce their plastic use. These changes are already beginning to happen with many supermarkets signing up to the UK Plastics Act 2018.

How you can get involved

If you want to know how you can get involved it’s simple. When you remove the plastic packaging from any of your supermarket-bought items, save them in a cardboard box and return them to your supermarket head office or your store’s customer service desk. Attach this letter which has been drafted by Greenpeace. Encourage your friends to do the same. This small act of rebellion will make a difference and it can teach our children the power of their voice and their actions.


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