Period Pants: Nasty Or Necessary

Period Pants: Nasty Or Necessary

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After my first child was born, I couldn’t reconcile myself with the hundreds of nappies we were going to send to landfill and began to look at cloth nappies. It was a wonderful decision and nowhere near as gross as I thought it was going to be. It got me thinking about other disposable products I use that I can switch for reusable which is how I came across Modibodi period underwear.

What are they?

Modibodi describes themselves as “modern, protective, leak-proof apparel, underwear, and swimwear, for periods and incontinence that work”.

Basically, it’s underwear that you can use throughout your period (or if you have varying levels of incontinence, which let’s face it, after childbirth we all have some degree!). You don’t need to use additional sanitary ware such as pads or tampons.

Isn’t it really gross?

I tend not to be too grossed out by bodily fluids at this stage in my life. Plus, who decided periods were gross in the first place? I mean, it’s just a bit of blood. If you slice your finger do you wretch in disgust (ok, maybe if you have a blood phobia but otherwise…).

Even though I don’t get grossed out easily, I don’t think many others would get grossed out by these either. You simply wear them, rinse them a little in some cold water, and throw them in the washing machine like you would any other underwear.

Do they work though?

I purchased four pairs of the Classic Bikini which has a heavy/overnight absorbency to test it out on my heaviest period days. They have changed my life! No joke.

I hate tampons and never wear them. I tried a menstrual cup for a while and kept getting leaks. Pads make me sweat and itch and generally they smell bad. What I love about Modibodi is that I get up on the days of my period and just put pants on like I would any other day.

Even on my heaviest period days I could wear them for hours with no leaks. They are particularly great for bedtime as I know for sure they aren’t going to leak which means I sleep better, and with no annoying pad/tampon to worry about.

The verdict

I think you can guess where I’m going with this. I will never use another pad/tampon/menstrual cup again. It’s also great to know I’m not sending a load of sanitary ware to the landfill which is a big bonus.

Initially, I did think they were a touch expensive (£21.50 per pair) but with the money I’ll save over time and the just the difference it’s made to my whole period experience, it’s totally worth it. I will definitely be investing in more.


Michelle x


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