How To Make A Dinosaur Easter Bonnet

How To Make A Dinosaur Easter Bonnet

My three-year-old son is OBSESSED with dinosaurs. They are the first toys he plays with when he gets into the nursery, the centre of all his imaginary play. He even has a little set of toy dinosaurs that he gently tucks into bed beside him every night.

At Easter-time, his nursery holds an Easter bonnet parade so you can imagine my lack of surprise when my dear son asked for his bonnet to have a dinosaur theme. Time to get the creative hat bonnet on!

This looks more difficult to make than it actually is and it’s visually very impressive. Most of the stuff we used we had lying around the house but you can pick it all up for pretty cheap online. From start to finish it only took around thirty minutes and we had a great time creating it together.

What You Will Need For Your Dinosaur Easter Bonnet

  • Scissors
  • String
  • PVA glue
  • Bonnet (we got ours here)
  • Toy dinosaurs (we got ours here)
  • Green shredded tissue paper (we got ours here)
  • A piece of thick cardboard (enough to fit the circumference of the hat)
  • Sticky tape
  • Paintbrush
  • Brown paper
  • Crayons (red/yellow/orange)
  • Red/yellow/orange pipe cleaners


1. Make your cardboard rim

Easter bonnets tend to have quite floppy rims so it’s important to reinforce it before adding any of the detail. The dinosaur toys, while light can make the rim flop downwards.

Take your cardboard and place the bonnet on top. Use a marker to draw around it.

Cut around this circle and then draw a smaller circle around the inside, roughly the same width as the rim of the hat. using your scissors, make a hole in the centre of the cardboard and cut out this inner circle. You should be left with something that looks like this:

Using sticky tape, attach the cardboard to the rim of the hat (you could also use a strong glue for this part).

2. Tie the dinosaurs to the hat using the string

To do this, cut a piece of string roughly 8in long. Thread one end through one of the holes on the edge of the hat, tie a knot around each of the dinosaurs feet and thread back through another hole on the hat and tie off underneath. We also attached some small trees to give it more of a jungle-theme.

3. Make the volcano

Take a 30cm squared piece of brown paper. I used parcel paper that came in a package. Draw a big orange star shape right in the centre and get your child to colour it either red, orange or yellow (or all three!). This will make the top of the volcano.

Once this is done, scrunch the paper until it roughly resembles a cone with the coloured piece at the top.

4. Make the erupting lava

Using the scissors, make a small snip at the top of your volcano and insert your red, orange and yellow pipe cleaners. Bend the pipe cleaners so that they look like they are erupting out of the volcano.

5. Add the grass

Using the paintbrush, cover the hat in PVA glue and stick on little clumps of the shredded green tissue paper. And voila! You’re done. Leave until the glue has completely dried. You can also use your string to create a chinstrap to stop the bonnet falling off if you wish.

You don’t have to stick to dinosaurs…

This craft idea will work with most themes so get creative. You could use unicorn toys and cotton wool for clouds with a pipe cleaner rainbow. Maybe try a farm scene? The possibilities are endless.

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