Eczema: A Review of Green People Organic Babies Range

Eczema: A Review of Green People Organic Babies Range

The Curse of Eczema

As a mum of three young children, I’m always conscious about what I put in and on their little bodies. When it comes to their skin, this is particularly important as all three of my children have eczema.

Having spent a lot of money on products that promised to ease their itch and soothe their flare-ups, I’m always skeptical when trying a new product.

Natural and Organic

The first thing that drew me to the Green People Organic Babies range was that all the products in their baby and children’s ranges are organic.

The company’s founder Charlotte developed the range to combat her own daughter’s eczema-prone skin. She was horrified to learn that beauty products only needed to contain less than 1% natural ingredients to be labeled as “natural”. This spurred her on to change regulations in the beauty industry and she was invited onto the Soil Association’s committee for designing the first standards for organic beauty.

Hurrah for bubbles! No eczema flare-ups!

When the products arrived I was keen to get started and immediately bathed all the children to test out the shampoo and body wash. This has been quite a departure for us as we never usually add any kind of soap as it leads to eczema flare-ups.

My kids were absolutely delighted to finally have bubbles to play with. We opted for the scent-free body wash and shampoo initially to test it out but moved on quickly to the lavender scented which smells absolutely gorgeous and didn’t lead to any itchy skin!

Quick rinsing shampoo

One of the things I loved most about the shampoo was that unlike others we have tried, this one rinses out really quickly. Our three-year-old son hates having water on his head and up until now we really struggled to get all the suds out of his hair in the fifteen seconds he would allow us to rinse it off. This shampoo came out super quick and left all the kids’ hair lovely and clean.

Baby Lotion

After the bath, we used the baby lotion which spread really well and left their skin lovely and soft – again with no eczema flares ups. Our son has particularly stubborn chicken skin on the backs of his arms and this improved greatly after multiple applications.

No more nappy rash

The nappy cream is also very effective and it was put to the test on an epic scale when our one-year-old when through a nasty teething period that left her poor bum raw and sore. We were really pleased with the results of the nappy cream.

Not just for babies

Personally, I have stolen the rescue balm for myself. The lavender smell is amazing just before bed and I’ve been using it to treat chapped lips and cracked skin on my hands from using cleaning detergents. It is a little greasy but it soaks in quickly and smells so good that I really don’t mind.

When my hands have been really bad, I’ve smeared the balm on and worn light cotton gloves overnight and my skin is glorious the next morning.

Overall, I love this product. It might seem like a small thing but to finally allow our children to play with bubbles in the bath is a huge deal for us. The delight on their faces is wonderful and the peace of mind that they aren’t going to be scratching and sore afterward is a relief.

I’ll definitely be recommending this product to my friends and family and I’m a converted repeat customer.

You can check out the full range of Green People products here.

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