Dream Cream Eczema Relief

Dream Cream Eczema Relief

If you have ever watched your child suffer from dry, itchy eczema you will know the feeling of wanting to do everything in your power to find them relief. After trying so many creams and lotions, both shop-bought and prescribed by the doctor, we found a cure a few years ago with Dream Cream from Lush.

Sweet Relief

I’ll admit that I’m a usually bit skeptical about the healing powers of so-called ‘natural’ products but when my daughter was a little over a year old, I was at my wit’s end. She had been up all night tearing at her skin which was raw and broken. We were all exhausted and nothing seemed to be work. If one more person told me to try oatmeal I was going to punch them in their stupid face.

It was also quite sad that she never got to play with bath bubbles as they irritated her skin so much. Such a simple pleasure for a baby and she couldn’t even do that.

Desperate times

I happened to be passing a Lush store in Belfast and in a desperate effort to find anything that would give my daughter relief, I asked one of the staff if they had anything that would help with eczema. They recommended Dream Cream and initially, I balked at the price. One 240g tub costs £14.95 but it does last a long time.

Miracle cream

Dream Cream has been such a life-changer for us and I recommend it to everyone I know who struggles with eczema. I wasn’t expecting much having been disappointed so often before so I was pleasantly surprised when just a few hours after using the cream, the itching had completely stopped and my daughter’s skin felt much smoother. Her whole body usually feels like sandpaper so it was great to have some baby softness again.

Two days later, the redness was gone and her skin was healing. In less than a week, she showed no signs of eczema at all bar a few scratches that were still fading. It seemed like a total miracle. We were able to ditch the scratch sleeves she had been wearing for months and we were all sleeping through the night again. The difference it made to our whole lives was, and still is, incredible.

How does it work?

Despite my protestations about being advised to use oats, oat milk is one of the main ingredients in Dream Cream along with rose water, olive oil, cocoa butter and a range of essential oils. One of the reasons I think it works so well is because it doesn’t contain any nasty chemicals which can often exacerbate eczema.

Either way, it is a fantastic product and I can happily recommend it.

Sleepy Cream

Since we began using Dream Cream, Lush have now released a Sleepy version which helps get little kids (and adults) off to sleep. We find it works just as well as the original Dream Cream for eczema and it smells amazing.

Do you have little ones with eczema? What have you tried that’s worked? let me know in the comments.


Michelle x

Twin Mummy and Daddy

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