Conversations With My Kids Ep.2: The Interview

Have you seen that list of questions that’s been doing the rounds on Facebook? The one where you ask your kids a bunch of questions and see what answers they give unprompted?

In this episode, Alexis asks a very tired/hyper Cooper this list of questions. Some of his answers are so cute (hugs!), some make no sense at all! He is also slightly obsessed with anything to do with dinosaurs!

I now understand why they say to never work with children or animals!

Reminder to self, don’t do this just before bedtime!

Conversations With My Kids is a new video feature on Blossom & Cave. Children just say the funniest things and can have the most insightful thoughts. They are little scientists learning how to be people in our crazy world and I’m just mesmerised by their wisdom and their innocence.


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