All About Me

Hi, I’m Michelle

Welcome to Blossom & Cave, the parenting, mental health and lifestyle blog for busy parents.

A little bit about me.

I’m a mum of three beautiful children but being a mother is not my only role. As well as blogging I also run a successful event management company, a mental health website and I’m the author of Pangs: Surviving Motherhood & Mental Illness.

Motherhood has taught me a lot!

Since becoming a parent, I’ve learned so many new skills and discovered so many new passions. There’s nothing quite like having children to get you focused on what brings you joy!

This blog was curated to bring together all of my passions, life hacks and new-found knowledge to share with other parents and also to reclaim a little piece of my pre-parent self. Check out the blog to find out more about me.

I hope you enjoy,


Michelle x

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